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The word TELEPATHY has its origins in Ancient Greece. TELE meaning distant, and PATHOS meaning feeling, perception, passion.

That makes sense. Perceiving from a distance. I googled (yes, googled has now been an official word since 2006)… I googled words that start with TELE and found ALL sorts of words, many of them having to do with communication of some sort: telecast, telecommunication, teleconference, telegram, telekinesis, telemarketer, telephone, telescope, television.

Well, that was interesting!

After seeing all those words, telepathy doesn’t look so woo woo after all, don’t you think? I’d never thought of it next to it’s second cousins telephone and television. We use those tools daily; they’re deeply rooted in our culture.  I think telepathy is in our daily lives too, it’s just that not everyone is thinking or talking about it.

A lot of our animal friends have learned English words and their meanings. They’re so incredibly smart! However, by using telepathy, you can send and receive large blocks of information very quickly. They come all at once. Boom! So fast, it can be in a second. It takes me WAY longer to verbally share what just transpired with an animal to their people.

Telepathy is efficient.

It makes sense that we are evolving to using our telepathic skills more and more as we all evolve and ascend with planet Earth.

So, how can you start to practice your beautifully evolving telepathic skills? Here are some ideas for you to play around with and get started.  (I say play, because this is meant to be fun! Don’t take it too seriously or your mind will trip you up, trust me!)

It’s super important to be calm and present. So, I find that right before sleep is a good time to start practicing. The early morning can be good too. Anytime the house is quiet and you have some space all to yourself.  Let your animal friend know you’d like to connect. Say hello to your friend and just ask them how their day is going. Then stay quiet and practice being receptive.  Be patient! Ask for clarification if you don’t understand. If you don’t get anything, just drop it and try later. No big deal.

You can also get casual with it in the midst of your day. Set an intention that your thoughts reach your friend, and just start talking with her in your mind. It might help to hold back your verbal talking for awhile. Give your self and your friend a chance to get used to this new language. You can even just say “Hello” in your head and imagine you hear a hello back. That’s a trick that my amazing teacher Penelope Smith suggests to get you started.

Watch how your friend changes in the next few days. A relationship can shift very fast. You are important to her, and as you reach out in this new way, you’ll be surprised to see what happens!

You don’t need to be right next to your animal friend when practicing telepathy.  I think that actually being right there can be distracting. We’re so used to looking for physical body language signs, and that can interfere with building this new way of being.

A deeply common trait that all living being share is that we all want to be heard. Am I right? How many years of couples counseling does it take to really get this?! Hearing one another heals. All on it’s own.  Just the act of sharing and being received. This is why I love this work.

So, go ahead and try this. There is no wrong way. Trust your heart. Ask for help. And keep at it. I think you’ll find it more that worth your time!

P.S. In the midst of this writing it was dinner time. As we finished our meal I said to our daughter, Serena, “Would you like to go get some ice cream?”  “Mom, I was thinking that very thing just 2 minutes ago! Yes!”  I’d said it in the beginning of dinner, but I just had to underline the thought. “Well, I am writing a blog on telepathy you know!” Wink, wink. I love when that happens.

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