A student in Becoming Dr. Dolitte recently said to me:

I did not expect to glean so much personal wisdom from your animal communication course.”

Ha! Well, there are lots of hidden and not so hidden benefits to learning animal communication!

The thing about animal communication is it requires us to grow. It asks a lot of us, and if we’re up to the task, we find that along the way comes a lot of personal growth.

When we learn to connect with our pets, it requires a certain kind of listening. It is deep listening. It is heart-centered listening. We humans have enough trouble just listening to each other.  As I’m sure you’ve heard before, we tend to not listen so much as formulate our own responses. But if we are trying to have a 2 way conversation with an animal friend, we must stretch and grow, to really connect and hear them. This takes time. This takes patience. This takes perseverance.

The animals are ahead of us on this one. They are always listening. They are observing us, hearing us, and sensing our energy. Sometimes they’re more aware of how you are doing on any given day than you are. Your energy is part of the energy soup that surrounds them, so they are right there, aware of way more than you would think.

If you think about it, having any real and true heart-centered relationship requires us to grow. It’s no different with the animals. This is what is so wonderful. They are in our hearts in such a dear and sincere way, that we would do anything for them- even grow past our own ego limitations and limiting beliefs.

As we practice animal communication we learn to set aside our ego, our habitual patterns of thinking, and our expectations. We expand into a field beyond what we previously thought possible.  I like to say: it’s not magic, but it feels like magic!