Animal Communication Sessions

I connect heart to heart and soul to soul with your animal. Empathically I feel in my body what they feel. I do remote healing work with them, and I work with them energetically. It has been my experience that my work has a calming effect on animals. I can express to them your concerns, thoughts, wishes, and link up with them telepathically to explore these issues with them. This expressing and listening alone can be enough to result in positive changes. It is my joy to connect with your animals and affect positive changes in their lives and yours.

Private Animal Communication Sessions: 

1 hour $200

30 minutes $100

Cancellation Policy:  If you need to re-schedule your session please let me know as soon as possible. Any missed or cancelled sessions with less than 48 -hours notice will be charged the full amount.  I will stay on the call for 10 minutes of our session time.  After 10 minutes your session will be forfeited.

*Please note that times listed on book now are Pacific Standard Time.  Click here to find your respective time.

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If you have any questions, you can reach me at

You, my dear, are a miracle worker.


I cannot thank you enough for your kind guidance.


I have had two sessions with Elizabeth and each one was so powerful, so clear and life changing. She not only allowed me to understand my animals better, she helped me understand my path with my animals more deeply and clearly. She brought so much clarity with issues I was having with my pup, and allowed me the information to best help her and communicate what my wants and needs are. Elizabeth is so loving and kind, and her compassion and deeper understandings come through so beautifully. I feel so blessed to have shared these experiences with her and my animals, she is absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait for our next session.


I  appreciated the  insights you had around my pets that I have had through the years especially when I asked you to reach Teddy the dog who bit me. It helped me to understand Teddy’s view and I never knew dogs had thoughts.


I loved our session yesterday and so happy that we found you!  You brought such a different perspective to my relationship with Sophie and opened possibilities for us.  She looked so sad this morning when I left for work and now I understand her so much more. It’s so funny because I knew that we are so much alike and to hear it from you reaffirmed my feelings.  Also, getting closure on my emotions about Murphy opened my heart to my future with him when we meet again.  Just hearing that three years ago wasn’t the time for him to be with me helped me so much.  Maybe now the torn meniscus in my left knee will finally be healing from clearing that “torn” emotion surrounding my experience with him. My vet isn’t in today but I’ll be speaking with her tomorrow to recommend you to her clients.  Yay!   She is just one of the 3 vets at the Vet Clinic of Palm Harbor. I will ask her to tell everyone else at the clinic. Thank you so much!


Thank you for the profound intuitive communication session last week. You have helped me to find peace with Sophie’s departure, confirmed the depth of my connection with her and helped me to embrace the beautiful new relationships we have been blessed with in our new Angels, Frankie and Josephine. You blow my mind with every session I have with you! Thank you for sharing your special gift with me and with the world.


Elizabeth is an amazing animal communicator. She totally tuned in to both of my Dobies today and gave me much needed, and accurate information. Much of the messages were so spot on that there was no way of her knowing unless she was the real deal- I was impressed!!!!


Thank you for your help and sharing your extraordinary gift. You are greatly appreciated.


My experience with Elizabeth was absolutely life changing for me! She was very kind and considerate, and also amazingly in tune with my girls that I was trying to resolve some painful issues for. I feel like a weight that I have carried for years has been lifted from me and I’ve been given the gift of my girls back after 2+ years of feeling like I couldn’t have them in my life.  I highly recommend speaking with Elizabeth when you can. The experience was truly amazing. Thank you so much, Elizabeth. I can’t put into words how much better I feel just since we spoke!


Thank you so much for the work that you do, Elizabeth. It is a wonderful experience to have the chance to connect so closely with the animals in our lives. I would recommend this to any animal lover who would like to understand them on a deeper level.


I really liked the way Elizabeth connected to our dogs FEELINGS. I felt she captured our dogs personalities and we could relate to how she portrayed their dynamics with each other.


Elizabeth is truly able to do this! We regularly call when we wish to impart some information to our animals about what’s going to happen in the next few days, or to ask a question about their well being.  Elizabeth is always able to help with useful insights and sometimes astonishing information about the issue at hand, information she could not possibly have known beforehand, but has received in her communication with out pets.  Also, Elizabeth’s people management skills are wonderful. She is always kind, understanding, very sympathetic, honest, and fun to speak with.  We cannot thank her enough, not can I recommend her more highly.


If you ever need guidance and support to help you sort through behavior or health issues with your animal friend, to process death, or contact an animal that has crossed over, I cannot recommend Elizabeth more highly. She is incredibly accurate and is one of the kindest, gentlest souls on the planet.


I’m very happy to recommend you to others. Your work has meant so much to my family.


Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful communication with my animals! I am touched to the core.


You have a wonderful gift, and our talk has helped all of us!


This is a fantastic time to move forward and take care of lingering issues going on with you and your animal family.

I’d like to encourage you to take the step in resolving these issues.

Connecting telepathically with your animals opens up all sorts of doors. It opens your heart, their heart, and helps solutions come forward for a multitude of issues. It helps life flow easier. 

Again and again people share with me how much their relationship with their animals grew deeper and more meaningful after having a personal session. They learn that their animals’ experience is much more expanded than they realized.

If you are ready to connect with your animal in a new and deeply meaningful way, I invite you to join me!

Loved my reading…healed my heart! You were so exact! Thank you!


Thank you for this heartfelt conversation. Very healing for me.


Blending a household with 4 animals has been quite challenging.  I’m not sure we could have done it without you.  Specifically, I want you to know that Zoey has completely stopped peeing on the carpet thanks to you. Yay!  And the 2 cats are now getting along much better.  You know that when I originally called you the cats were fighting constantly.  Now they are only hissing a tiny little bit and mostly getting along.  The difference is amazing


Tink and Flip were so freaked out by our move process that they would burrow under the covers and were super scared.   After our session, both cats came out last night and my daughter said they were playing up a storm, keeping her awake most of the night.  There were having a good old time, surfing packing boxes and playing with their new mice.  They both came in together at the side of my bed, twice, in the middle of the night to tell me, “Look at us! We’re having fun!” Nothing short of a miracle!


I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing many healers and spiritual professionals. None have the grace, depth and sensitivity, purity of spirit and soul, and natural spiritual genius to work with animals so beautifully and effectively as Elizabeth. She is master of a healing universe all her own. Lily, my new rescue cat, came home with significant PTSD and some serious medical problems. Elizabeth’s wondrous work, just two sessions, with Lily has not only helped her emerge from her terrible fear and better understand her own illness, she helped me become so much more in tune with Lily spiritually and telepathically. As a teacher for spiritual teachers, I know the real deal. Elizabeth is that, and more. 


For anyone wanting a deeper connection with their loving companions, I can not say enough about how helpful Elizabeth is. Her gentle and sweet manner transcends the physical to intuitively read and communicate with our beasts, bringing hope and comfort to both the pet and the human. The insight Elizabeth provides is priceless. She is truly gifted. Thank you for all you do for our babies (Daisy says “Thanks!” too).


I had a lovely session with Elizabeth and I now feel even closer and more attached to my sweet cat, Angel! I have a better understanding and insight into Angel’s energy and behavior, and also thanks to Elizabeth, I have some tips to work with as well. Elizabeth’s energy is lovely and the session was fun and informative – very worthwhile!


Elizabeth is the real deal! She picked up on Cassidy’s fears right away. She was a tremendous help with her healing process. Cassidy is becoming a more calm less frightened cat since her time spent with Elizabeth. I’m very grateful for the time spent with her.


Elizabeth was an amazing conduit for me to connect with my three dogs after a very traumatic event for us all. She helped assure and calm my babies so that we can begin the healing process of our new family dynamic. My babies showed a remarkable change in behavior immediately after connecting with Elizabeth. It was a treat to see the personalities of my babies come through and to be able to assure them that we are a forever family was priceless.


I guarantee you and your pet will have a magical and enlightening experience!


Elizabeth has a deep love and connection to animals and is a very gifted animal communicator with a very kind, gentle, loving presence and voice. You can witness this in her free 15 minute guided meditation, which I myself have, and it’s lovely. The music alone is so beautiful. If you have anything you’d like to know about–such as what is causing your cat’s behavior, this meditation will help you connect on a spirit level.


Next Steps: Please note that all sessions are done over the phone or on Zoom.  We can work with up to 2 animals per session. Sessions are in no way meant to replace veterinary care. Use the contact form if you’d like a session.  Please note that session recordings are for personal use only and may not be distributed.  I will e-mail the session to you within 48 hours of the call.  I do not save the recordings.

You will get the most out of the session if you are in a quiet space with no distractions. If you have a choice to use a cell or land line phone, a land line tends to record better.  Your animal can be in the room with you or not.  Please no scheduled hikes or days at the groomer during sessions! It’s my experience that it’s more than likely that they’ll be right next to you for the duration, in a relaxed state.

Know that just as you begin to look for positive solutions to your situation, your energy will begin to shift and new possibilities will open up.  It’s a beautiful thing to move forward and seek answers, deeper connection, and harmony with our beloved animal friends.


Do you make house calls?

Unfortunately I’m not able to do house calls. All sessions are done over the phone.

How many animals can we talk with during a session?

If you have more than one animal you’d like to work with, I recommend at least 45 minutes.  For 3 or more animals, please schedule an hour.

Can we connect with animals in spirit?

Absolutely! It is very healing to connect with your beloved animal friends in spirit!

Do you record the session?

Yes! I use a conference line and record the session. No need to try to remember it all or be distracted by taking notes. I will e-mail the recording to you within 48 hours of the call. I do not keep recordings. Please note that the recordings are for personal use only and may not be distributed.

How much time should I schedule?

Schedule what feels right to you. If you’d like to connect with two or more animal friends I suggest an hour.  The more time we have, the deeper we can go.  It’s a bit like therapy in that some things will take some time to surface and understand in a deep way. If we’re on the phone and you’d like more time, we can go longer if my schedule permits, and I’ll send an invoice for the extra time.