Have you had a feeling you’re an intuitive, or an empath? Have you been told you’re “too sensitive” throughout your life? Do you just know things with our understanding why you know them?

I have. For many years.  I know it takes a lot of encouragement and support to bring those gifts forward, into the light to develop them.

That’s why I created Becoming Dr. Dolittle. I want to support in growing your talents. I want to create a beautiful space for you to expand, explore, and have fun with it!

Things have changed so much in the past few months. I’ve heard myself and others say our intuition is feeling stronger, more tuned in. With so much change, we are relying more now on our innate knowingness.

Being together on Zoom will not be like your work calls, I promise! We will create a sacred space of learning and exploring, and this can be a lovely anchor for you. It will be in a webinar format, so your camera will not be on, but you can share by speaking.

The animals want us to understand them. They want us to hear them and respond to their needs on a deeper level.

Becoming Dr. Dolittle is a 12-week LIVE online course where I will help you discover and develop your ability to communicate with animals. It’s not magic, although it can certainly feel magical!  Animal communication is an innate ability that we need to re-awaken inside of you.

If it’s been a secret wish in your heart to be closer to the natural world, if you are hearing the call to learn more and expand into this, I hope you answer that call.

Our natural state is to be connected to animals and nature. We’ve just forgotten because we’ve been focused elsewhere. It’s really very close. I’ll help you take the leap so that you get to the place where you know without a doubt that you are hearing them. And once you do it and you know, your life is changed.

Next class date TBD

The 6 Learning Modules

Module 1: Learning their Language 
Here you will learn the tools necessary for humans and animals to talk together, to share information and feelings with each other, and come to understand each other’s needs more clearly.

Module 2: Understanding Ethics
It is so important to understand the ethics around talking to animals. This is taught early in the course so that you can more forward ethically, respecting boundaries of people and their pets.

Module 3: Point of View
This module is all about unlearning our assumptions about animals and catching ourselves when we start to project our own feelings and thoughts onto them.

Module 4: Talking through Transitions
Transitions are very potent and emotional times. You will learn what the animals experience and how to support them and their people through these times. You will also have the opportunity to heal lingering grief experiences you’ve had when your animals passed.

Module 5: Nurturing with Nature
Everyone agrees nature is healing! In this module you will learn how to connect deeply with aspects of nature such as the trees, the rock families, and the waters. Trust me when I say that your hikes, walks, and even drives through nature will take on a whole new dimension.

Module 6: Perfecting your Craft
This class will give you the extra magic you’ll need to keep going with expanding your new skills. Extra tips and tools for making sure your knowledge is well-rounded and thorough. 


Thank you so very much for all the time and energy and love you have put into the Becoming Doctor Dolittle class! It has been such a blessing to me! Stacy C.

Thank you for offering this course and being YOU! Your energy, voice, stories you share … all are inspiring and moving. Whenever I feel “stuck” with my psychic journey just your presence opens up the vortex of energy communication. Thank you for the encouragement and passing along your gifts and process, through doing this, you help SO many, human and sentient beings! Bridget S.

Elizabeth presents her classes in a professional, thorough, compassionate and magical way. It’s easy to see that animals are one of her passions in life. I loved taking Elizabeth’s animal communication class and highly recommend! Tracy W.


Grief to Gratitude is my favorite. This is a mini class I created to help heal the grief we can hold onto for YEARS around the passing of our animal friends. When animals pas into spirit, they do not want us lingering in grief. They want us to connect with them where they are at now, not hold onto painful memories of illness and those last days and hours. This class walks you through step by step, to access and heal your old grief. It’s powerful and worth the price of admission.

Animal Communication 101 is a wonderful talk and guided exercise where you can dip your toes into talking to your pet. Honestly, this alone, done sincerely and practiced a few times will knock your socks off.

Animal Archetypes is a super fun class exploring the different archetypes our pets take on. There are lots of stories in this class, and I promise you will look at your animal friend with new eyes afterwards.

Private Email Support with me is available throughout the program. So, if you’re having trouble finding your groove, I’ll be right there to help guide you. You will not be in this alone.

Lifetime access to the modules These will not be going away. I will actually send every lesson to you within 24 hours of the class so you can have it whenever you want to re-watch. 

Private FaceBook community is a wonderful place to meet and support fellow animal-lovers. You won’t meet more kind, open-hearted people anywhere, truly.


How will this course help me? 
This course will help you develop and gain confidence in your telepathic and intuitive skills, which can be used to up-level your life in unimaginable ways! It will give you a supportive environment to expandinto your gifts.

What if I miss a class?
All classes will be recorded so you can watch and catch up before our next meeting.

Who is a good candidate for this course?
If you love animals and have an open heart, this is for you. Where ever you are with your awareness of your abilities, participating here will help you grow further. If you’ve felt a connection to nature since you were a child, like me, and you have an open mind, this is your place.

Will I have a chance to ask questions during the class?
Yes, we will have Q&A sessions between every teaching module, so you will have plenty of time to ask your own questions. I will also make myself available to you on our private FB group and through email for the duration of the course. Trust me, I will hold your hand through it all!


My absolute favorite part of the course is that once we learn some basics, we get to practice by connecting with your animal family! You’ll be able to volunteer your pet, who is with you or in Spirit, and the class will practice tuning in and sharing what comes through. Students really loved this part of the course last year, and the animals did too!