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A few weeks ago I was really missing my kitties.  I have had the pleasure of living with a number of cats, but due to allergies and asthma, they have not been with me physically for the past 15 years.

Being the person I am, I still connect with them now and then.  Actually, they are never far away.  I decided recently to call in my kitty family to be with me in bed as I was falling asleep.  As I tuned into each of them and felt their energy presence, I relaxed and my heart opened deeper.

I decided to go into a meditation that was calling me.  I made it up, inspired from bits and pieces from various friends and teachers over the years.  I asked to drop my body, to detatch from my identity, my ego.  Let go of the small part of my Self that is Elizabeth: woman, wife, mother, daughter, person living and working on Earth.  Just let it all go and allowed myself to rise up.  (It is like cutting strings holding us down, and when they are cut we rise up.)

What a relief I felt.  Now this is a true vacation.  (I’m often disappointed on vacation because I bring along all my stuff with me )  As it all faded away, I asked to merge with the One Mind.  I felt myself way out far up in space.  Calm, peace, and beauty surrounded me.  What a lovely place to be.

In this space I began to create.  I called in the feelings of a beautiful and satisfying life on Earth.  I felt what it would feel like to have the home of my dreams, to know my family was thriving in their chosen passions as I was.  I just re-built it all and felt the perfection and ease of it all.  I asked if this was all possible for me and I heard a very clear: YES!  So I said thank you and continued.  Eventually I drifted off the sleep.  And what a glorious sleep it was.  I felt better then next morning than I had in weeks.

I continue to call in my feline family and go into this meditation most nights now.  A few days ago this came to me: my kitties are with me assisting in the traveling we do.  Of course! Cats are masters with inter-dimensional travel.  Their presence is an integral part of this experience for me.  So I humble say thank you to each of them.   Penelope, Cleo, Oliver, Tyrone, Thelma, Louise, and Jasmine.  Thank you for returning to me and for guiding me onward on this adventure of life on Earth and beyond

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