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I was recently asked: if you could do anything with the wave of a magic wand, what would you do?

I closed my eyes for a minute, and before I could ‘think’ of an answer, my voice said:


After doing this work for 4 years now, I’m realizing that a by-product of helping the animals is helping the humans.

When there is disharmony with our loved ones, humans or animal, we suffer.

When our animals are sick and when they pass, we suffer along with them.

More often than not, our suffering is a result of holding particular thoughts in our heads that may or may not be true.

We all know how deeply we suffer when our beloved animal friends pass into spirit.  There is no way to get around our grief, we must walk through it.  However, suffering can be eased by connecting with your animal in spirit and hearing from their point of view what they have been experiencing.

I witness this over and over. Once we can connect with them after passing, we’re given a bigger perspective of their soul, their being, their life with us, and their unending relationship to us.  We can learn how to expand our relationship beyond the limitations of the physical, and as we do this we begin to heal the grief.

Suffering comes not only from just the fact that we miss them, but also from unanswered questions about their last days and the choices we made for them in the ‘end.’  People wonder if they waited too long or moved too fast to help their animal transition. These lingering questions can really distract us and weigh heavy in our hearts.

It’s such a beautiful thing that we have the capacity to learn from our animals- to hear their perspective and come to understand their hearts.  It’s a shame to miss out on this. It’s really the most natural thing, and yet in writing this, in our culture, we’re so used to separation. We need support and encouragement.

I encourage you to connect deeply with your animal friend. Allow your perspective to open. Our minds can be so small sometimes. Move out of your mind and into your intuitive knowing. We’re all naturally tuned into the natural world. If you need some help, call me.  My deepest desire is to help end suffering. There’s so much else in the world to experience, we need not be stuck in suffering.

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