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Just a few days ago I gave my first class ever on Animal Communication. I wanted to reach out into the community to share this passion I have, to share a little of what I know, and honestly meet and hang out with fellow animal lovers. My intention was to give everyone an experience.  A big experience.  And experience they probably don’t think they’re capable of.  An experience of connecting, themselves, with their own animal friends.  It wasn’t a long class- just an hour.  I got to share a few stories,  a few insights, and then guide the class into their own hearts, to settle in and connect.  Since I hadn’t done this before, I didn’t really have big expectations.  I just set the intention, asked my guides for their assistance, and did my best.  After a 15 minute meditation, everyone partnered up and got a chance to share what they experienced.  Slowly the room went from still and quiet to very energized and loud.  People were laughing, people were reaching for tissues, and people were smiling.  Wow, I thought, it happened! After a few minutes I opened it up for group sharing and got to hear remarkable stories of love and understanding.  It was so beautiful, and I was so grateful!  My highest thought was that I could help open some hearts, broaden some world views.  I don’t know if it was me who did that, but between me, Jack’s lovely music, the open, receptive audience, and the beloved animal friends, magic happened.  I can hardly wait to do another class and learn more, see more, experience more right along with everyone else.

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