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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. ~Benjamin Franklin

Those are words of wisdom. We’ve all been there, right?

**hand to forehead** I should have _________!  If only I’d _________!

I’ve been wanting to write about this for awhile now because I see so many things happen that might have been prevented, and that just makes me sad.

We know it’s true in our own lives, and in our children’s lives, and it’s also true for our animal friends.

We all love and adore our animals. (Well, honestly more accurately, everyone who I have interacted with through this work loves and adores their animal friends!) It’s just that sometimes things slip past and literally don’t occur to us. Of course they do. Life moves fast, and our attention gets pulled in a million places at once.

So, here are some things I come across regularly that I hope helps you out!

Great times to work an animal communicator in the spirit of prevention are:

♥ When you’re having a baby or brining in a new animal: they can sense the big shifts happening when a baby is coming. let her kno on it and let her know what to expect! We can check in to see what your animal’s preferences are for a friend. Does she want a friend? Would she prefer a younger or older friend?

♥ Before you leave on vacation/ hire a pet sitter or set up boarding: we can let them know how long you’ll be gone, we can ask if they prefer to be boarded or have a pet sitter, we can ask if there’s a preference for which pet sitter

♥ When there is a shift in family/home life: if there is an upcoming marriage, or divorce, or change in job- anything that impacts us positively or negatively can affect our animals

♥ When you’re selling your house/ moving: if strangers are coming through the house we can explain why, and when the move is happening, and even explain what the new home will be like.

♥ When undergoing medical treatment: we can help prepare them by sharing what to expect when going to the vet, and connect the treatment to what the animal is feeling so they see the big picture. this can relieve a lot of stress.

Just like children, our animals want to know what’s going on.  They appreciate it and prefer to know what to expect.

It’s worth your animal not freaking out when you bring in a new pet or baby.

It’s worth your animal not panicking when you leave on vacation.

It’s worth your animal not being upset when you move.

So, I encourage you to connect. You know how they say communication is the biggest factor in relationships? Well, it’s the same for our relationships with our best friends!

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