3 Essential Keys to Animal Communication

animal communication

There are 3 essential keys I’ve found that are foundational in communicating with your animal friend. They are quieting the mind and dropping into the body, being a focused listener, and trusting. Sounds easy, right? Well, they are…after hours of practice!

Being able to communicate with your animal friend may seem daunting at first, but  I believe it’s something anyone can learn to do. When I hear the same issues come up for my clients, I see what areas many people are questioning. One thing I hear frequently is: I know my animal is trying to tell me something, but I just can’t figure out what it is!

Animal communication is an art form, not a recipe, but still there are specific elements that are necessary. Let’s start with the first one: quieting the mind and dropping into the body. All day we are in our heads. Thinking, thinking, thinking. How much time do we spend just being? Well, if you want to talk to your animals, you’ll need to make this a daily practice- to still the mind and just be in your body. If we do not detach from our thoughts, they could be misinterpreted as part of our communication and really muddy up the waters.

Next is being a focused listener. Just like we’re in our heads all day, we’re not used to being in a receptive listening space much of the time. Being a strong listener means being able to set aside our own expectations of what will be said, as well as what we hope they will say. We have to totally step out of that space and be open, receptive, and listening. Practice this with the people in your lives. They will notice the new quality of your listening and appreciate you for it.

Lastly, we practice trust. We’re so used to our old companion doubt. Did I really hear her say that? Did I make it up? This is another thing I hear over and over: How can I tell the difference between a true message and something I made up? Trust. At some point, we just have to trust! If you’re not sure, why don’t you act as if, and see what happens? If your interpretation was off, you’ll figure that out soon enough and you can try again. If we doubt everything we get however, we will slowly begin to block any input and pretty soon feel like we’re not getting anything at all.

Please be patient with yourself. These skills take time to develop, and they are rather counter-culture. They are not things we’ve been taught how to do, and they’re not things that society has told us are valuable. They are though, and we know that in our hearts.

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