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I’ve been asking to hear my guides more often for the past few months. Ask and you shall receive!

A few years ago I learned the value of asking questions. I used to just think think think when I was trying to figure things out, but then one day I asked. I saw a gorgeous flower and couldn’t remember it’s name, so I asked.  I immediately heard: foxglove!  The plant was eager to respond!

Questions are easy to answer. Thinking and pondering can lead me in circles.  This is why I ask my clients to send in questions. It directs the energy so it has somewhere specific to go.

Doing this work began when I asked a question. It was a very emotionally heated question, and I’ve learned those get surprisingly amazing answers.  Five years ago when I got allergic and asthmatic from visiting The Gentle Barn I yelled at the Sky, demanding to know WHY? I didn’t actually get the why answered; I was answered with another question: are you willing to use your telepathic skills to help the animals? And you know I said yes. Of course!

Recently I was feeling angry and sad at the same time (perfect recipe for a juicy answer).  As emotion flooded over me I yelled again to the Sky, and oh so fast I got some information I wanted to share with you.  I had to pull over and take notes on my phone.  I’ve learned the hard way that these quickly downloaded communications can slip away like a dream in one heartbeat. Here is what my guides had to say (in italics):

What is the truth?  The truth in your life right now? The truth right in front of you?

(insert your own answer here…. the darker and harder the truth the better)

Is it going away?

(obviously, no)

Surrender…..Otherwise, you are playing a game with yourself.

Are you fighting against your truth?

(probably, yes, grrrrrr)

Peace is found in surrendering to your truth.  It just IS.

Funny, I’ve been practicing surrender in my morning meditations for awhile now. I didn’t realize it was leading to this- a more specific direction for the surrendering.

Looking back and seeing this download written here looks so simplified. Words can only convey a small percentage of the download, so open yourself to the energy around it. Recognizing something as truth, labeling it as such, allowed me to see it in a different light.  Like, the sky is blue. It just is. So, what am I going to do with that?  It lets you move on already.

So, whatever that THING is that you are resisting, fighting yourself with, going back and forth with, that thing that just won’t go away…the path around it no longer exists.  These are the times we’re in now.  It is for benefitting our expansion.  No more work arounds!

What is the TRUTH in your life that is connected to it? It is time to surrender to that truth.  It’s there. See?  Once the energy of surrender enters, then a whoosh of energy comes through and it’s different. It shifts. And that’s followed by relief.

If you give this a try, please let me know how it goes by commenting below.

Oh, and why, you ask would an animal communicator talk about this? Well, simply put, whatever benefits you will benefit your animal friend. It’s time we take good care of ourselves and help each other. We’re all in this together.

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