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I’ve always been enamored with animals.  Enchanted by them.  Wanting to be in their world with them. I lived in the country in Rockford, Illinois, surrounded by farmland. It wasn’t a big deal that I had allergies and asthma and my family didn’t love animals like me.  I found ways to see them and be with them any chance I got!

I loved growing up in the country. I was tuning into the animals all along.

The chipmunks who lived in the woodpile. The raccoons that would amble across the road at night. The little farm in the neighborhood with sheep. I’d grab some cereal or crackers, run over there, and make baaa sheep noises at the fence until they ran to me and eagerly ate my treats. My nickname was Bunny, maybe because every spring I’d wait in anticipation for the baby bunnies to be born. I’d find their nests and hold them. In the winter I’d sit out in the snow with some paper and draw the animal tracks.

I was given  guinea pigs for Christmas when I was 10.  Oh what joy! My brother built them a beautiful big cage. I gave them a wedding ceremony. I shared my deepest thoughts with them. I put them in my bicycle basket and rode them around the driveway.

I had dreams of one day opening an animal sanctuary. I sent my allowance to Greenpeace. I knew one day I’d swim with the dolphins and the whales.  Save the whales!

I started writing journals, well diaries, back then, when I was 10. A few years ago I found one from when I was 12 with Snoopy on the cover. In it I said: I’m going to work with animals when I grow up. I don’t know how, but I have to! They make me so happy! I must find a way!

Animals have a special way of entering our hearts, like no one else.  Connecting with them in the deep way we do with intuitive and telepathic animal communication honors this aspect of them.  It honors our relationship with them and it allows us to access the deepest within ourselves as well.

Humans all have the capacity to be animal communicators.  As the planet is evolving and ascending, so are we, the humans and the animals. Awakening to all of our hidden yet innate abilities is part of our ascension. It’s natural and part of who we are. As we open to this, we re-connect to the natural world and to our true highest selves, which is so joyful!

I invite you to take some time today, allowing yourself to believe we can all talk to the animals. Believe that YOU can! Know this when you’re sitting with your cat or walking your dog.  Open yourself to it without reservation, and listen.  See what comes to mind, what lands in your heart. I dare you!

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