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I had an a-ha moment a few days ago as I was driving past a mail lady collecting mail at the side of the road.  Watching her brought back a memory: when I was a little girl I just loved getting the mail.  For me, the mail was full of letters from pen pals in far away places,  Ranger Rick magazines, or Birthday Party invitations, all of which were a thrill to receive.  I loved waiting for fun mail, and so I decided that I would like to be a mail lady too when I grew up.  I wanted to be the one who got to deliver fun and beautiful messages to other people.  Well, wouldn’t you know, fast forward 35+ years, and now I realize that is exactly what I do, in a sense, as an animal intuitive.  The messages I get the privilege to pass along are beautiful and often heartwarming . The messages act as bridges, bring everyone closer together.  They are gifts from spirit, brought to enhance our relationships with our companions, as well as all of our lives.

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