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Once I worked with a beautiful cat who was lost in a new and unfamiliar town. He’d already been missing from home for a week. The first time we connected, I was shown that there is a line of energy, like a string of light, connecting his heart to his person’s heart.

I urged the cat and human both to focus on this string of love so they could find each other again. I also did energy work to help the cat calm down and stay in his body-help his confidence return so that he could stay strong and keep trying to get home. I send him pictures of being together again with his person, and held that vision with them.

I got glimpses of places where the cat was, and as I shared them, his person investigated. His person never gave up- always went out looking, and followed his intuition when something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye…he called out for his cat and his cat called back! It had been 2 weeks, and they found each other! What a blessing to be a part of their journey. I’m so grateful he is home safe and sound.

Follow the love, people. Follow the love ♥

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