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In1997 my husband and I went to Hawaii for a workshop called and to hopefully swim with wild dolphins.  We visited a particular beach daily waiting for our friends to come and play. The dolphins arrived at the beach on our last two days. I remember running down the rocks, wetsuit in hand, ready to fulfill a childhood dream.

A group of us, maybe 10 or 12, swam with them for hours. It was an experience that was outside of time. It was the most natural and fun thing EVER! The dolphins stayed in a little area with us. They were as curious about us as we were about them. I’ll never forget swimming eye to eye with this being who I knew.

Before our trip we had done a few ocean swims in Santa Barbara where we lived, to get ready. One day we swam out quite far and I remember saying ‘nothing is going to stop me from swimming with those fish!!!’ Ha, I was determined. Wouldn’t you know, in that very moment, 3 huge dolphins swam right up to us! It was thrilling! As I prepared for the trip, I had this deep feeling that I was preparing for a family reunion of the most wonderful kind.

Our time in the water in Hawaii was a peak experience. On the last day, we all sat on the beach together in meditation, thanking the dolphins for their time with us. The dolphins stayed in the bay until our ritual was complete and we’d said our goodbyes. Then they took off. It still brings tears to my eyes remembering this encounter. It changed my life deeply.

That night as we flew home I went in and out of dream places where I was still swimming with them. I knew then that the dolphins are the angels of the oceans. I still call on them often as I drift to sleep at night. It’s always such a blessing to be with them <3 [/av_textblock] [av_comments_list]