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Helping people heal from the old, weighted down grief carried inside is something I hold as very special, sacred really,  in sessions.  I don’t actually do the healing, the animals do. I love these sessions because the wisdom shared from animals in spirit is profound, and the opportunity provided to the people is extraordinary.

Recently I was talking with a kitty who told her person that the love she sends  from her realm was like sending out butterfly kisses.  She also shared about the timelessness of her friendship and devotion to her person, talking about other times and places they have been together, and how they’ve helped each other over lifetimes.  The time we shared connecting to her was a very healing experience for her person, and helped her move on and embrace her life with the new kittens she’d adopted recently.

Many years ago I ‘lost’ my special kitty Cleo.  She was all white and had this beautiful black kitty eye liner, so her name had to be Cleopatra. Cleo was special for a lot of reasons, one of them being that she was my first kitty I could live with and not be allergic to.  So, as you can imagine, she and I were very close.  I loved her with all my heart. After multiple illnesses took her physical life I was devastated.  My friend was gone.

I was surprised and deeply moved a few nights later.  In a dream time space Cleo came to visit with me.  We were sitting in an outdoor stadium in the top row.  There was a giant movie playing below, and it was the movie of Cleo’s life.  As we watched together  she said to me, “You loved me so well.”  Words do not convey the blessing and gift of that experience. It was as real as anything in this dimension is, and perhaps more.  That beautiful space we shared was profoundly healing for me. It allowed me to move forward. To know that she was alright and was still a very bright light in another place.

I now realize that having that experience paved the way for me with this beautiful work. When our animal friends pass it can be very hard to let go of those frightening and deeply sad images of their decline, of those last days, of the decisions made or not made. There can be so many regrets, so many unanswered questions.

I’ve worked with people who have held onto this type of pain for years, and some for decades. We don’t have to. We can connect with those souls again, feel the love again, and allow it to heal us. What a gift!

Isn’t it time to allow healing? There is beautiful life to be lived fully and joyfully right now and right here. Let’s let in the LOVE.

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