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I tend to get themes with the animals that come my way, and lately the theme has been the transition from this world to the next. As difficult as these times are when the animals we love complete their time with us, they are also times rich in opportunities for deep love, connection, and heart-opening.

Over and over my guides share that as the animals transition, they are inviting their loved ones to expand their consciousness into the unseen… to continue their relationship beyond the realm of the physical.  It can take a leap of faith, and it can be tremendously rewarding.

When our daughter came into this world 17 years ago, she was assisted my midwives.  Midwives in the physical, and no doubt angel midwives in the unseen as well. I see this over and over with animals who pass… there are midwives of sorts here and oh so many light beings helping them prepare and escort them to the other side of the veil.  It is always such a huge honor for me to work with people and their animals who are completing their lives and those who have passed into spirit.

If you’re going through this challenging end of life time with your animal friend, try to consciously expand your awareness to be aware of what is happening. Be a present and still witness to the transition. Your loving energy eases the transition, and you and your animal friend are surrounded by many helpers. You are all being loved and embraced by unlimited love.

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