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I thought I’d bought a lovely pink watermelon the other day. I eat A LOT of fruit, so in the summer, it’s all about watermelon! How did I ever get a yellow one by accident? I shrieked when I cut it open! Overreaction? Maybe. But like I said, I’m pretty serious about my watermelon!

Anyway, it wasn’t as sweet as the pink kind, and I do love sweet. I cut some up and I juiced some and I fed some to the crows and baby squirrels in the back yard. It was fine, but I admit that I did close my eyes and pretend it was pink when I drank the juice!

This is a lot like what happens during animal sessions. Being human, I walk in with an expectation or 2 just once in awhile! And I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’m flat out wrong.  Until I tune in and listen deeply, all that’s in my mind are human expectations. And that is just what we all have in our minds, you too when you’re thinking about your animal friends.

There was the very ill dog who I suspected might be ready to let go and indeed was not, nor was he in terrible pain. There was the horribly abused pup who came from deep neglect, who had the spirit and spunk of a perfectly loved puppy and was ready to plunge forward into healing so he could inspire others. There was the cat who’s behavior caused it’s person to think the cat was just mean and angry and hated them. Nope. Wrong again. And again and again.

I know that part of being human is trying to understand and categorize things to make sense of this crazy beautiful world. But I implore you, please please catch yourself before you come to hardened conclusions about the animals in your life. Go deep. Tune in. Ask to see and hear what is going on, from your heart.  Call me, and together we can open to the truth of it all. You’ll be glad you did. Nothing beats the truth.

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