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Would you like to meet your animal guides?

Would it be helpful to have a personal message from your guides?

Would you like a visual to help you connect with your guides?

Welcome to Spirit Animal Magic!

 Personalized channelled messages from your animal guides

A beautiful watercolor painting of your animal guides created by my daughter Serena

Open your awareness more fully to your unseen helpers

Expand your consciousness

Feel the BIG support you have with you all the time!

Give Yourself the Gift of Support

We all have guides, angels, light beings, and helpers sharing our lives with us, supporting and encouraging us. Well, some of our guides are animals (of course!!) Our guides want to get our attention! They’re here in service to us and to our growth!

My daughter Serena and I are in on this together, and happy to offer you your own Spirit Animal Magic! Serena will be going to art school next fall, so this offering will only be available for the next few months. Read your personal message before meditation and use the painting as a visual to help connect energetically!

There are so many ways that the unseen ones support us. I’m loving exploring this one, and invite you to join me!! When we become aware of our guides’ help and line up with them, our lives transform!

Ready to meet your Spirit Animal Guide?

Spirit Animal Magic

 Spirit Animal Message and Watercolor


Are Spirit Animals like Totems?  In the Native American tradition, Totems are animal guides who are with us throughout our lives. The Spirit Animals I channel tend to be here with you for a specified period of time. They are guides, like the Native American totems, but their messages are uniquely for you. For example, if a bear comes through there is no set meaning for the bear, but rather the bear’s message will be specifically for you.

Can I choose the animal I want a message from? Of course, you can listen in yourself to hear from your guides, and you can call on any animal you wish for a message. When I listen in, I do not know who will be showing up, and that’s part of the magic!

Does this have anything to do with my pets who are in spirit? Although it is certainly possible for our pets to return to us as guides, so far I have not experienced this in the channellings.

How large are the paintings? They are watercolors painted on paper that is 9″x12.”

How are they packaged and shipped? The paintings and printed messages are shipped via USPS, tracked, and insured. They are packaged in a manilla envelope with cardboard backing. There is an additional piece of watercolor paper included in case you’d like to use it for displaying the message.

How long is the channeled message? Each message is different, but on average they are one printed page.

When can I expect to receive my package? Because these are custom made, please allow 4 weeks for delivery. I will notify you when it is shipped.

Oh, Elizabeth, it arrived today, and I LOVE it! The painting is so beautiful and so dear, and together with the lovely message, it made me cry. Stacy Christopher