Grief to Gratitude

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A lot of the sessions I do focus on connecting with animals who have passed. These sessions have a special quality to them, a high vibration, a spiritual focus. We go beyond the personality of your animal friend and into their soul essence.

These sessions can be very healing for you, because we often hold onto grief over our pets’ deaths for years, and sometimes decades. I am often asked questions like was he ready to pass, could I have done more, was he in pain, is he angry with me, how is he doing now? When we talk with an animal on the other side, lingering questions can be answered, lifting confusion and guilt.

I worked with a woman once who was so very sad about losing her cat whom she was very close to. To make matters worse, she was out of the country when he cat passed. It was very traumatic for her. A few months later she adopted 2 darling kittens, but she realized there was a block to feeling close to them. She still had so much grief about her loss that she wasn’t fully able to enjoy her new little ones. We had a private session where she could connect with her cat again.  We talked about all sorts of things, including the circumstances of her passing.  A little while after the session I heard back from her, saying that she felt a lot of healing occur from the conversation, and she now felt fully present and in love with her new kittens! It was such a joyful shift for her!

As humans, it’s just human nature to hold onto powerful and emotional memories, even if they’re not happy ones. We often hold sad, confusing, tragic memories around the deaths of our loved ones, and this grief can stay with us for a very long time… but, we don’t have to.  It doesn’t serve anyone to stay in that energy. Of course, we must feel our grief, but it needn’t go on and on for years.

Isn’t it time to heal?

My whole life has ben focused on healing. Healing is our birthright. It is my passion. Grief holds us down from living fully and enjoying our lives, and sometimes we’re not even aware of it. My hope is that you take the step and re-connect with your animal friend in spirit, so that they may share messages with you, and you can heal and feel more joy in your life.

You deserve it. We all do.

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