Do you have an animal friend who has passed that you are still grieving?

Do you still have unanswered questions about what happened?

Is your heart still hurting from missing an animal friend who has passed?

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Welcome to Grief to Gratitude!

Grief to Gratitude will help you:

re-connect with your animal friend so you can feel their love again very closely and heal that old lingering grief

know that they are ok where they are

know from experience that you are capable of connecting with them still in a deep and meaningful way

clear up old misunderstandings and allow you to be more present and available with the animals who are living with you now

Choose healing so you can feel more love and joy!

Listen in for a moment and feel if there’s still pain from the loss of your animal. This is one of the few resources available to help heal this type of grief that we may not even be aware we are holding.

Go on 2 Explorations: the 1st to meet your animal guide, and the 2nd to re-connect and talk to your animal friend!

The class has beautiful original music (hammered dulcimer!) and time incorporated to write in your journal or worksheets that are provided.

It’s thrilling to experience for yourself that you can actually re-connect with the spirit of your animal friend and have a deeply meaningful encounter! It’s a gift, really.

Are you Ready to Clear the Grief and Open More Energy for Joy?

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What I received was healing around my heart.  During group sharing, I realized I carried guilt for the past eight years for choosing not to be in the room when Reba took her last breath.  Once the revelation was made, I felt physically lighter in my heart, and I was able to forgive myself.  Now, my heart is open and I can give more love to my Boxer Bella without holding back.  Thank you for an amazing experience.  Shelley Sanders

I was sharing with my family just how wonderful your workshop was, and they were amazed at what came through.  Thank you for sharing your gift and allowing us to move through our grief into a space of love. RE

I had amazing experiences in Elizabeth’s Grief to Gratitude Class.  Her guided visualizations were so calming and caring.  She held a lovely space for us to connect to our animals that have crossed over.  I was able to see my Pewter cat and Molly dog and receive messages from them.  I was also surprised and elated when my childhood dog Warlock made an appearance as well!  Elizabeth created a magical day with our animals in spirit and I so appreciate her gifts. Tracy Wallace

I had no idea what to expect, but what emerged from attending Elizabeth Lee’s powerful class was a huge transformational and healing experience for me in relation to a dog that I had to re-home earlier in my life.  I had always felt so guilty and sad about it, but in the guided visualization I was able to heal that wound, and feel able to celebrate what we shared, rather than what we lost.  Amazing and powerful work! I can’t recommend Elizabeth’s space highly enough.  Stella Davies

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Elizabeth Lee has been passionate about healing and the intuitive arts her entire life. She received a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica in 2008. She has studied with famed Animal Communicators Penelope Smith and Carol Gurney. In 2006 she became a certified Six Sensory Practitioner through psychic and author Sonia Choquette. She is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher.