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I had the most extraordinary experience last night I wanted to share.

The energy this past week has been so intense. Full moon, multiple planets in retrograde… and I’ve felt it. Been tired and quiet, and moving through some big things surfacing.

Well, I was super tired early last night and was practically feeling pulled to bed. I think I turned my light out a good hour earlier than usual, and I’m a late night kinda girl!

Lights off, exhale, snuggle in… a few breaths later I realized I felt angel wings all around me. I was wrapped in a cocoon of angel wings. It was exquisite. Peace, bliss, and rest.

I’d made a practice the past few months of wrapping myself in angel wings when I go to sleep, but this was different. This was placed around me and I could feel it so strongly it took me by surprise.

We are surrounded by love and support, friends. I hope you too can feel that today <3

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