• Receive Support

    We all need some extra support sometimes. This year I heard a very loud and clear call to offer more support to those of us expanding into deeper awareness.

  • Rest in Sacred Space

    We all need safe space to explore what is happening in our lives. It is a radical act of self love to give this to yourself! You deserve that!

  • Explore Unlimited Possibilities

    We are unlimited beings. We have the capacity for unlimited joy! Exploring and expanding in creative ways can lead to deep fulfillment. We are meant to live joyful lives!


Mentoring sessions are offered for those wanting one on one assistance with learning to connect with your animals or expanding your empathic and intuitive abilities to create a more joyful life!

These weekly hour-long calls are offered on a monthly basis for $425 or a series of calls spanning 2 months for $750. They can be done over the phone or on Zoom video conferencing.