Curious about your animal’s behavior?

Ready to find out what’s going on?

Wish you knew why they do what they do?

Welcome to Animal Archetypes

Learning about Animal Archetypes will help you:

See your animal friend from an expanded perspective

Catch a glimpse of their soul’s purpose

Have a-ha moments when you understand why they do what they do

Practice connecting with them yourself as you are guided to tune in

Sound fun?

All Animals are Unique

Learn what the 6 Animal Archetypes are and tune in with me to learn which archetype energies your animal friend is expressing!

Archetypes have been around and studied for many years for people, and now it’s time to use this interesting concept with our animal friends

I always try to understand things from as many angles and perspectives as possible. Animal archetypes are a fun way to learn about your animal friend and feel more connected to who they are, at a soul level.

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“Thank you for your Animal Archetypes class. I’ve been seeking answers with such yearning. Your meditation connected me to my companion in this life, other lives, and across the veil. The answers came. I am so grateful for your gifts that connected me and my eternal animal soul mate.” Cynthia Singleton

“Thank you for all you do to help us humans connect with the world around us.  It would be a much more lonely place without someone like to remind us of the beauty and love in the universe.” Karen Pifher 

“I got so much out of this class! Thank you for your insight and knowledge. Very useful information.”  Adrienne Mattioli

“If you ever need guidance and support to help you sort through behavior or health issues with your animal friend, to process death, or contact an animal that has crossed over, I cannot recommend Elizabeth more highly.” Theresa Luttenegger